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Online Registration is a TWO-STEP Process.  You must complete this form AND the PayPal payment process in separate steps.  Upon completing the online registration, you will be redirected to the payment page to enter your information and then to PayPal for payment. As long as this process is completed in full, you will not have to complete the pdf Entry Form as in previous years.
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Trophy Classes

1 Pre-1939; 2 1940 to 1949; 3 Chevy Tri-5 1955 to 1957;  4 1950-1959; 5 1960 to 1969;
6 1970 to 1979; 7 Convertible; 8 Muscle Car; 9 Chevelle/Malibu; 10 Mustang; 11 Rat Rod;
 12 Other Truck; 13 C-10 Truck; 14 Under Construction; 15 Other Foreign; 16 VW (Volkswagen)

Other Classes awarded the day of the event: Best in Show, Club Participation,

Classes awarded by Sponsors: Traditional Rod & Custom. (19 total trophies)

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